Boatmen in Prusnik

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Natural-history study trail Prusnik starts beneath Nature park Kum and presents the important part Sava had as a transportation route. Prusnik aterfall and whitewater were a tough obstacle for rafts and boats. The trail also presents different habitats, that offer space for protected plant and animal life, from small beetles to majestic birds of prey. It also shows the what dangers invasive alien plant or animal species bring and how indigenous fruit bearing plants preserver.

The kilometre long trail starts near the ruins of Prusnik mansion, now a gas and service station, and has ten information boards.

Turistično razvojno društvo Krajinski park Kum-Dobovec
Dobovec 49, 1423 Dobovec
+386 (0)41 631 688, +386 (0)41 949 425,
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