Industry in Zasavje: In the Realm of Perkmandeljc

About the Program
Depends of the number of participants. Minimal 10 persons group. Prior arrangement required.
For adults only (18+) with no health limitations.
Around tree hours.
Monday to Friday in the morning and the afternoon, weekends only afternoon.
On foot or by bus.

In the Trbovlje-Hrastnik Mine

A five kilometre long trail through the maze of mineshafts leads from coal separation facility in Trbovlje to the Barbara mine in Hrastnik. Part of the trail goes over the rails, a classic and a hanging railroad; the rest can be reached by foot. The visitors can see a mine compressor station, a chapel of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners and a documentary on mining, later they can enjoy a typical miners’ meal.
The program is three hours long, protective clothes and gear is provided by the organizer.


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