Valvasor's beekeeping trail

About the Program
For enthusiasts, nature lovers, school groups and all inquisitive minds.
30 min
The tour has to be arranged five days prior.
The trail is easy and suited for persons of every age.

Beekeepers Association Zagorje arranged an educational trail in 2012 in a small park at the foot of the ruins of the castle. The park is planted with honey plants that thrive in this part of Slovenia, the central object is a typical Slovenian wooden bee hive with extensions, which can also be used for apitherapy.

Information panels describe different details from the life of bees. The main character is, of course, indigenous Carniola honey bee, Apis mellifera, well known and widespread throughout the world. Visitors learn about the differences between bees, drones and the queen showing various interesting points in their lives. In addition to the apiary other residences are also presented; much attention is devoted to flower and forest honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and other bee crops.


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