Night hike with torches

Mrzlica (1122 m) towers over the ridge between Zasavje and Savinjska dolina. Its northern slopes are covered with beech trees and the south is covered with cleared meadows and pastures up to the top. The area is an important habitat for local kind of orchids.

Current hut, built in 1963, lays thirty metres below the top. It offers rich food and lodging for 66 people. Sightseers can admire the scenery spanning from Peca in Koroška to Julijske Alpe and Triglav towards Snežnik and Gorjanci.Mrzlica is among the most visited sites in middle Slovenia, the most massive hike is the picturesque St. Nicholas night hike with torches in December.

Planinsko društvo Trbovlje
Ulica 1. junija 10, 1420 Trbovlje
Uradna spletna stran

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