Down the Sava rapids

About the Program
18 €/person + 5 € for meal.
Rafting for groups 3-18 people in two boats.
3 hours.
In warm months from spring to fall, with prior arrangement even in other seasons.
Savski Gusarji club provides the required safety gear (life-jacket, helmet).
Trip has to be arranged three days prior.

Rafting down the ancient waterway is organized in cooperation with two clubs. It starts in Zagorje or nearby Renke and ends in Hrastnik. The route can be shortened or lengthened to Radeče. The longest rafting route is three hours long. The equipment is provided by the organizer.

Some parts of the river are slow enough for swimming, and a lunch break with sightseeing, like the biggest chimney in Europe, and some - like the Prusnik and Beli slap waterfalls - make the trip unforgettable. Rafting is not the only activity, there are also group or individual kayaking classes and interesting adventures in double kayak guided by an expert. The equipment is provided by the organizer.


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