About the Program
72 €
Program is suitable for everyone, younger than 18 need approval of their custodian.
Program is roughly an hour long, with the fligh taking from 15 to 45 minutes.
Program takes place all year long, with suitable wind and weather conditions two days in advance.
Contractor provides the transportation and equipment (helmet flight suit).
The flights are safe if the instructions are carefully followed; pilots are licenced professionals.
Sveta planina, Sveta planina SZ, Mrzlica, Rajska Dolina

Zasavje is situated on a rugged terrain, with mountains and valleys packed on a small place. Through a rich geological history the land became an excellent place for adventures and adrenalin sports. Slopes on four mountain ranges allow take-off for gliders.

The first take-off point is on Sveta Planina, over a thousand metre high peak, and has two landing points, one in Trbovlje and the other in Zagorje.
The second is nearby in north-eastern direction and has the landing point on helipad in the northern part of Trbovlje.
Another take-off point is on Mrzlica, another thousand metre high vantage point, with landing points in Trbovlje and Čeče.
The last take-off point is on the upper level of Rajska dolina ski range on Kal. The landing points are in Hrastnik on the sport field and in Brnica.


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