Playing with guns

About the Program
28,80 €/person
Suitable for all ages, with some consideration to physical fitness of players.
Program available all year around.
Before the match, the players have to sign a statement, absolving the organizer for any injuries.
The team with low tactical experience can ask for help of an expert.

Warfare can be fun and exciting if the actual shooting is done with toys and harmless coloured projectiles. Shooting grounds in Neža in Trbovlje and Šaht in Kisovec offer ambush setting, fort attacks, capture the flag and hostage rescue. Players can follow pre-set scenarios, specially designed plans or their own imagination. All is played over rugged terrain with a mining flair, since Neža was a surface mine and in Kisovec still has some remains from its mining era, like mine wire rail anchorage and a replica of a mine-shaft.

Airsoft and paint-ball can be played all year long, the equipment is provided by the organizer.

Players can engage in: capture the flag, ambush, hold the line, hostage rescue, or a custom one.


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